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losing your mind? try these memory boosting superfoods!

Memory loss can occur with age, but you don't have to accept this part of aging without putting up a fight. There are several foods that contain natural memory-boosting properties that can help you keep your mind clear while offering additional health benefits. Instead of looking for prescriptions and supplements to stave off memory loss, try adding these foods to your diet.KaleKale is a hot super food right now because of its many health benefits, and boosting brainpower is just one reason to add it to your diet. Folic acid found in kale can prevent the death of nerve cells in the brain. Kale is also thought to be an essential part of a heart-healthy diet, and it's versatility makes it easy to enjoy in many differentdishes and juices.NutsNuts, contain omega-3 fatty acids making them ideal for boosting your memory. They also contain protein, vitamin B6, and vitamin E, all of which promote better health of the nervous system and can lead to better brain performance. Go Nuts! and consider adding peanuts, walnuts, and hazelnuts to your daily diet.BlueberriesWhile many berries can help improve your memory, blueberries are rich in antioxidants that promote brain health. Some experts even believe that blueberries can help to prevent Alzheimer's. Add some blueberries to your diet and get a memory boost!With so many healthy foods that can help you think more clearly, remember things without having to write them down, and reduce brain fog, there really is no need to look toward store-bought nutritional supplements. You can get everything you need from delicious, natural foods.

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losing your mind? try these memory boosting superfoods!

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