The numbers are in. People who eat a plant-based diet have a
62% lower risk of type two diabetes. Not to mention, a 20% lower risk of cancer. Add in other benefits like lower blood pressure and you’ve got some really healthy reasons to eat more plants.


Research shows that people who eat more plants weigh less and have lower body mass index. That’s because you can eat more plants and feel fuller on fewer calories. Serve up delicious plants and
have at it.


By eating a plant-based diet, you eliminate 1.5 tons tons of CO2 emissions per year, the equivalent of taking 500,000 cars cars off the road. When you eliminate just one pound of meat from your diet, you save more water than by not taking a shower for six months! See? Plants don’t just taste good. They do good, too.


Please your health, your weight and the planet. Not to mention, your tastebuds, of course. Order Veestro and have happiness delivered to your doorstep.

plant-based | organic preservative-free

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