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St.Louis Post-Dispatch - 08/25/2019

(St. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH) August 25, 2019 - Four hundred plant-based meals were donated to local non-profit, Operation Food Search (OFS) through The Wellness Ride, an 85-day bike across America challenge raising awareness about healthy food and living. The meals were delivered on Friday, August 23rd. OFS is helping to heal hunger by distributing more than 35 million dollars worth of food to 330 community partners in 31 Missouri and Illinois counties and the city of St. Louis.

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St.Louis Post-Dispatch - 08/20/2019

(St. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH) August 20, 2019 - Former professional hockey player, Richie Crowley is on a marathon challenge cycling 85 days across the U.S to raise awareness about healthy living. The rides mission includes a campaign asking supporters to donate $5 towards a meal for organizations working on hunger issues. The pre-packaged meals are directly shipped from plant-based meal delivery service, Veestro.

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(VEGCONOMIST) August 19, 2019 - Though Mark Fachler’s background was initially in investment banking and private equity, his career took an unexpected trajectory into the health food market. While working long hours in the banking industry, Mark found it impossible to find quick and healthy food options. With little time to cook, he found the “healthy” alternatives in the frozen food aisle were packed with preservatives. Being a firm believer that eating healthy food and exercising regularly have a profound impact on how he looks and feels, it was this experience that launched Veestro and its organic, chef-prepared, and preservative-free, ready to heat and eat meal delivery service.

Read more - 07/22/2019

(FOOD NAVIGATOR USA) July 22, 2019 - Since launching in 2013, Veestro has grown from a startup on a mission to help people eat more plants in a "super easy and convenient way" to a $7 million a year profitable enterprise today, which is projected to earn $9 million this year.

Read more - 03/12/2019

(Vegconomist) March 12, 2019 - The leading plant-based meal delivery service from California announced on March 4, that it is opening a new distribution centre on the East Coast, to keep up with demand for ethical plant-based delivery food. Veestro is now shipping from New Castle, Delaware as well as Los Angeles on the West Coast, allowing the brand to deliver their chef-prepared, plant-based meals anywhere in the U.S, in under three days.

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PRESS RELEASE - 03/04/2019

(Los Angeles, CA) March 4, 2019 – Veestro, the leading plant-based meal delivery service, is excited to kick off 2019 with two brand announcements, both of which showcase the company’s growth and advancement in helping the environment.

Read more - 08/27/2018

(Vegconomist) August 27, 2018 - Veestro create chef-prepared meals that are 100 percent plant-based; made from organic ingredients with no added preservatives and delivered straight to your home anywhere in the US. Here we speak to the founder of the foremost vegan chef delivery service in North America.

Read more - 01/15/2018

(CNN) January 15, 2018 - Through the years, veganism -- a lifestyle free of animal products -- has grown in popularity, and even celebrities, such as Jay Z and Beyoncé, have gotten on board. Veestro, an all-organic, vegan subscription service, delivers a wide variety of plant-based meals straight to your home.

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PRESS RELEASE - 04/18/2017

(Los Angeles, CA) April 18, 2017 – Veestro, the leading gourmet, plant-based meal delivery service, today announces the launch of the Veestro’s Recipe Collaboration Series “Plants for the People.” A program designed to highlight and celebrate the leading chefs, experts and influencers in the plant-based space, Veestro’s 'Plants for the People' collaboration will introduce limited-edition dishes, produced in partnership with some of the most respected plant-based personalities.

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PRESS RELEASE - 10/03/2016

(Los Angeles, CA) October 3, 2016 – Veestro, the leading gourmet plant-based meal delivery service offering freshly prepared and fully-cooked meals to homes across the country, announced today a partnership with Meatless Monday, a non-profit initiative of The Monday Campaigns.

Read more - 07/22/2016

(Total Food Service) July 22, 2016 - Mark Fachler is the founder and CEO of Veestro, a meal delivery service based out of Los Angeles, California delivering ready to eat plant-based meals to your doorstep. Inspired by the healthy meals of their childhoods in Costa Rica, Mark and his sister Monica Klausner co-founded Veestro just over three years ago to fill their personal need of wanting great food but not having much time to prepare and cook it.

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PRESS RELEASE - 07/05/2016

(Los Angeles, CA) July 5, 2016 – Veestro, the leading gourmet plant-based meal delivery service, announced today that it has unveiled a refreshed brand, logo and website designed to better reflect its innovation and evolution as a growing leader. The new logo embraces a clean design with cool grey and vibrant green tones, symbolizing the simplicity behind the brand and freshness of the meals.

Read more - 07/04/2016

(One Green Planet) July 4, 2016 - If the popularity of meal-kits and delivery services teaches us anything, it’s that people love a convenient and affordable way to have a healthy dinner at home. Veestro, a company that delivers frozen gourmet meals right to your door, recently raised $1.5 million in investment, proving that now more than ever, consumers are looking for more plant-based, ready-to-eat meal options.

Read more - 06/26/2016

(Food Navigator USA) June 26, 2016 - Frozen meal delivery service Veestro's revamped branding that launched this month aims to expand the company's consumer-base by making vegan-eating easier and more approachable for consumers who follow a variety of diets.

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PRESS RELEASE – 04/04/2016

(Newbury Park, CA) April 4, 2016 – Veestro, the leading gourmet plant-based meal delivery service, announced today that it has secured $1.5 million in financing, an investment led by M&A Capital, Inc. and Starcorp International S.A. The funding will accelerate the company’s aggressive growth driven by health-minded consumers looking for convenient solutions to meal planning and preparation.

Read more - 02/22/2016

(Vegan Magazine) February 22, 2016 - Created by a brother/sister duo who grew up learning to appreciate the value of a home cooked meal, Veestro’s founders created their plant based approach to healthy living to answer a top concern among today’s modern consumer: “How can I eat delicious food that’s good for me, without wasting money and time?”

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