how to have a healthy holiday

Does it feel like your New Year's Eve resolution is the same thing every year? Shed the holiday pounds before summer. It's time to free up your resolutions for more creative aspirations and avoid the extra weight all together. Sure, you need to stay realistic and expect a pound or two, but nothing that can't be gone before Valentines. All you need is a plan and the willpower to stick to it. Here are 5 habits to put in place now to keep those skinny jeans all season!

  1. Never Attend Hungry
    Family, friends and a table full of classic favorites, it's tempting to hold out and enjoy dinner on an empty stomach. Don't! Before you join the others, have a healthy snack and a glass of water. This will curb your appetite while still letting you enjoy all the flavors in moderation. No matter how busy you are, don't skip breakfast, snacks or lunch. Choose lean proteins and high fiber to keep your energy up and your cravings down. No one needs to know your secret.

  2. Willpower and Options
    When filling your plate, load up with the healthiest things first, then add the high calorie foods last and in small portions. Moderate your gravies, sauces and creams. If it's not special, don't eat it. Mashed potatoes can be made year round, but grandma's sweet potato mash is a treat. A good mental note is to be the last person to start eating and know when you're satisfied. There is no need for seconds if you are full. If you start with a salad or broth based soup, this will help too. To ensure nutritional balance, cook a guiltless indulgence that you love and can share.

  3. Idle Hands are Dangerous
    It's too easy to mindlessly dip into candy jars, cookieVeestro A la Carte platters and snack plates. Join the busy bees and help with the cooking, setting the table, cleaning up, tending to the children or any other task that keeps your attention. If it's a social event, choose a place in the room where you cannot reach the food. Keep your hands occupied with a glass of soda water, meeting and greeting or even a small plate with something from the vegetable tray.

  4. Exercise Even on Vacation
    You may not have your regular gym access, but that doesn't mean you can't keep moving. When you wake, try a 10-15 minute session in your room. It can be yoga, sit-ups, push-ups or light weights with water bottles. Suggest evening walks to see holiday decorations or a family football match. There are some amazing free exercise apps on your smart phone or carve out time for yourself to destress with a private jog.

  5. Temptation and Satisfaction
    Be realistic in your expectations. This is the season of good cheer, parties, rich desserts and sugary beverages. There is no need to be the Grinch and deprive yourself. When the pumpkin pie is served, take half a slice. Savor every bite slowly, letting all the spices thrill your senses. When you truly enjoy something decadent, you'll find a small portion is just as satisfying. As for the eggnog, champagne, mulled wine and peppermint mochas, choose wisely. Get the sugar free, soy latte for breakfast, drink lots of water to stay hydrated and drink wisely come evening time.

As loved ones compliment your resolve and your physique in the new holiday dress, share with them the gift of health. Veestro takes all the stress out of holiday shopping by offering gift cards for those that care enough to give strength and happiness for the New Year.

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