vegan recipes for passover and easter

Looking for ways to lighten up some heavy holidays? Both Passover and Easter are surrounded in similar traditions celebrating rebirth and the spring. Both also have traditional foods that are heavy, meat and calorie-laden. How about bringing something a little healthier to the table? All of the foods below can work for both holidays!Moroccan Carrot Soup-made without oil and creamy, without the cream! It'll make the Easter bunny hop with joy


Cashew Chive Cream Cheese Stuffed Dates-perfect as an appetizer or dessertQuinoa Confetti Salad-Many think quinoa is a grain-not so! It's kosher for Passover because it's actually the seed of the plantMoroccan Kale Salad-celebrate the greens of spring in a new way! Massage that kaleYou have to have some chocolate-right??!Chocolate Ganache Torte

Chocolate Truffles For more ways to cook interesting vegan food, when you're not eating Veestro, check out these recipes and more!

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