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Mid-summer bikini body rescue

We are halfway through summer, and it's time to do a little self-evaluation. You worked out for months before the swimsuit season hit to put your fittest self forward. How's that going? After the summer parties, holidays and vacations, does that new bikini still look great? Perhaps a little menu rewrite is in order to get yourself back in shape for the final months of sun.

The fastest way to cut those extra pounds is exercise three to five times a week and a low-fat, high nutrition, plant based diet. During these warm months the produce aisles are teeming with fresh and flavorful options. A quick and easy tip is to make a huge salad every three to four days. Keep the greens in a salad spinner and your diced toppings in a separate container. You're much more likely to reach for something healthy if it's already prepped.

If a sweet tooth is your weakness, try having a big bowl of sliced fruit in the fridge. Mangos, melons and bananas have a high sugar content and can curb that craving! For tart fruits, drizzle a little honey over them and a sprinkle of puffed amaranth for a snack this is sweet and satisfying.

If a salty crunch is more your flavor, make up a healthy batch of granola with your favorite nuts and seeds. Another option is pre-made sweet potato chips. Always keep washed and cut veggies like carrots, jicama and radish in a container. Squeeze a little lime over top and sprinkle with a dash of salt to make a hydrating snack that's low in calories. For a kick, add a pinch of crushed red chilies! Breakfast is easy! Make everyone a smoothie. If the kids don't like it quite so green, pour out yours and add in more fruit to theirs. Another great option in the heat, is cold soaked oats. The combinations are endless, and the cold meal in the mornings is refreshing and very filling. Fruits are also great to eat in the mornings as you have an entire day to burn off the high sugar.

Dinner can be a bit trickier, especially if the family isn't on the same clean eating schedule as yourself. Luckily, we have just the thing, three weight loss meal plans made just for you. If your summer schedule is super tight, opt for having three meals a day served right to your door. You can easily heat one up as you prep the kid's mac n' cheese. If your summer is of the more laid back variety, you can choose the one meal a day option, leaving plenty of time to cook dinner for the picky eaters and still have a nutritious plate of your own!

Don't let your fitness get out of control. Veestro can help you make weight loss easy again, so there's no reason to struggle back in your skinny jeans when the cool nights of fall return. Stay on track and fill your stomach with plant based goodness.

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