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New year's appetizer party

Happy New Year! New Year's should be a time we get together and look back on the past year to reflect on what we've done well and what we can improve upon, especially with food! I see the new year, as a way to start fresh. Maybe you've always wanted to learn how to make your own udon noodles (my recipe). Or maybe make kimchi? Make a list and really tackle it this year. Hopefully, like many Americans, you have on your list "to lead a more healthy life". But, unlike most, you'll actually stick to that plan longer than 1 day. I find it best not to be too general. Specific "resolutions" versus broad ones, are more likely to be obtained. Such as, "I'm going to eat at home 5 nights a week", or maybe, "I'm not going to have chips in my pantry anymore". My friend made a resolution last year that he was going to swim, bike, and run x number of miles, as opposed to "I'm going to exercise more". He just reported he accomplished his new year's resolution of 2015! What ever your resolutions are, make them ones that will lead you towards a larger goal. Think of them as stepping stones towards something you're trying to obtain.

This year, I'm traveling to NYC to see some great music and to check out some awesome vegan restaurants. every year prior, I usually host a party where I make heavy apps and desserts. We all have our traditions, but an appetizer party is a lot of fun. You can have little bites and introduce people to new tastes. Think outside the box. Appetizers can be small versions of your larger favorites. Take a veggie burger for example-when made small, they are the perfect app! As are potato pancakes, soups, stews, and wraps served in small portions. Here are some of my favorite appetizers:

Summer Rolls

Stuffed Mushrooms

Sesame Eggplant Salsa

Moroccan Carrot Soup

  Sweet Potato Burgers

Indian Spiced Sweet Potato Latkes

Balsamic Stuffed Dates

I wish you a healthy, and happy new year! Cheers!

Jessica from

Learn more about How to Stick with Your Resolutions.

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