how to have a mindful and happy thanksgiving with 7 easy tips

To help make the most of this special time of year, here are some tricks you can use before and after you sit down at the Thanksgiving table to avoid that dreaded post-holiday coma. With just a bit of mindfulness and gratitude, you can start to let go of any negative feelings and truly enjoy your holiday. This year, why not try to end on a positive and energizing note?
  1. Eat mindfully and stay in the moment
Even if it is just for a hot second, take a moment to truly consider the food on your plate or a that bite on your fork. Too often we eat mindlessly; forgetting to breathe in between bites, shoveling food that’s too big for the fork, and clearing our plates without even letting ourselves fully enjoy the tastes. Try slowing down and tasting each bite in order to give thanks for the journey it took to get to your plate.
  1. Get in a workout - even if it’s short
Move as much as you can during the day, and more importantly after dinner. Studies show that working out has amazing benefits for your body and brain: release endorphins, make you feel stronger physically and mentally, elevates your mood, increases alertness and reduces the gilt that many of us experience for over-eating or indulging on food we might not eat regularly.bigstock-Thanksgiving-card-design-with--105213515.jpg
  1. Engage in meaningful conversation
Take initiative and guide the discussions to topics that are interesting and worthwhile to you. Sharing your opinion and listening carefully to others, involves a break from chewing—not to mention will foster real connections around the table.
  1. Eat your veggies first
Tackle the veggies on your plate first and save the Turk’y for last. By incorporating Tip #1 (see above), it’s likely that your stomach will send the message to your brain saying that you’re full by the time you have ingested all of the side dishes. And if not, then by all means, eat your Turk’y!
  1. Drink a glass of water before your meal
While we all know drinking water is essential to a healthy diet, timing is also key here. Downing a glass right before your holiday meal will make you feel more full, which will then make you eat less – or at least more slowly. Either way, your stomach will thank you. Don’t forget to put down your fork and take sips of your drink during your meal too!
  1. Make some quiet YOU time
Whether that’s writing in a gratitude journal, singing out loud to your favorite song, meditating, sketching, walking, knitting, or whatever activity brings you peace and a space for self-reflection. By making some time for you and something you enjoy, you’ll show up and be present, in a better mood and headspace.
  1. Offer to set and clear the table
By making yourself helpful, not only will you keep yourself busy bustling around instead of hanging out near the appetizer table, but you’ll also ensure an invite next year. Your host will notice your wonderful manners and be their new favorite guest.If you’re looking for an easier approach to make your Thanksgiving more mindful and healthy, Veestro has you covered. Indulge in plant-based, gourmet meals made with organic ingredients that will make you feel at home. The family-style holiday pack has all your traditional favorites, plus dessert. Made with plants and enjoyed without guilt. 

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