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5 ways you save the world by eating vegan for lent

No matter your religion, we can all appreciate what really gives us – 40 days of sweet sacrifice!  Yes! Or is it more “Uggh?” When it comes to giving up coffee or wine (never both) the dread is real. We will be commiserating our forty-day countdowns on social in full detail, but what if our pre-Easter pledge could have a bigger impact beyond us and our circle of friends? Eating for 40 days is much more than giving up meat or dairy for our personal diets. It’s a challenge with worldwide impact.  Every day we eat a plant-based diet, we save Earth’s most precious resources, secure our future on this planet, and help fix modern society’s broken food chain. Here’s five ways eating vegan for Lent helps save the world: *NOTE.  I plugged in 1.3 months into the vegan calculator to get my approximate numbers.  1. You will save 43,000 pounds of water.That’s a ton of water. 162 tons to be specific. Factory farming animals requires enormous amounts of water for the animals and the food production processes.     2. You will save 40 animal lives. At the grocery store it’s easy to forget that packaged beef used to be an actual cow or that pork was a pig. Little thought is given to the lives of our animal friends once they become commodities of our broken food system.      3. You will save 1,170 square feet of forest land.Animal agriculture requires more and more forests to be cut down to keep up with the current demand for food.  Animals need space and animal farming requires significantly more land than crop farming.     4. You will save 1,560 pounds of grain and animal feed. The factory animals gotta eat too.  Farmed animals require a constant supply of grain to survive and keep our food system running.      5. You will save 780 pounds of CO2.Carbon emissions lead to carbon footprints. Trapped greenhouse gasses fuel climate change.  Factory farming animals accounts for the majority of the carbon output across the world and shows no signs of slowing down if we continue our rate of consuming meat and animal products.    You can see how big of an impact our daily food choices make.  It’s the number one factor when it comes to climate change. When you give up meat for Lent this year, you’ll feel good about easing Earth’s strain from our current unsustainable food system. Now, if you’re thinking you would love to make a difference, BUT – you don’t know how to eat vegan, don’t have time, or think it’s too hard – you really need to let us take care of mealtime for you.  It’s what we do – the cuisine, the cooking, the fresh ingredients prep. All you have to do is heat it up and enjoy. Oh, and no clean up afterwards either. It might even feel like you’re cheating when you “give up” meat for Lent and get full flavored, chef-crafted, vegan meals delivered to your door.  It’ll be the easiest and tastiest decision you’ve ever made – not to mention all the built-in vegan health benefits and doing your part to save the planet. This year let’s get excited for Lent and all the things we’ll save when we give up meat. We’ll enjoy delicious vegan food for 40 days together and help save the world one meal at a time :) 

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