how to eat smart at the office

Over 80% of Americans eat at least five meals a week in their offices, at their jobs and even at their desks. With limited time frames on your lunch break, processed foods and fast food make a convenient meal option, but it could be wreaking havoc on your health. So how can you maintain your smart eating choices and keep the bosses happy? Try these easy tips.
  1. Plan AheadThe most obvious way to stay healthy at work is to plan ahead. It's simply too easy to grab junk food from the vending machines or a greasy cafeteria. Mornings can be too hectic to make two meals, so cook a little extra the night before and eat leftovers from dinner, or prepare extra ingredients that can be mixed differently. For example, leftover vegetables make a great topping on a fresh salad or grill an extra Portobello and make a loaded sandwich on whole grain bread.
  1. Have a Back-upLife is not always easy to plan, and the next day's lunch may be the last thing on your mind. Keep a stash of healthy snacks at your desk or in the office breakroom. Choose things with substance like nuts, granola or dried fruit. If you have a refrigerator, store ready to eat fruits or vegetables. For a complete meal, do a little research on the restaurants around your workplace. Look for menus with salads, protein smoothies or options for food modifications, like dressing on the side or grilled instead of fried.
  2. The Buddy SystemFind like-minded coworkers to share lunch breaks or even lunch preparation. Take turns bringing lunch for each other. When hunger strikes and pizza sounds tasty and fast, have a support structure in place. Ask your friend at the office to help keep you on track. Maybe they'll share their carrots and hummus to abate your hunger giving you time to make a healthier selection.
  3. Watch What You DrinkWe often forget about the liquids we consume. A cup or two of coffee won't ruin you, but a pot of coffee can be causing more damage than you realize. If a hot beverage in a mug is a requirement, consider herbal teas or hot lemon water. Avoid sugary fruit juices and chemical filled sodas. Always keep a full water bottle at your desk! Quite often thirst is misinterpreted as hunger, so take a sip before you take a snack.
  4. Remove The ChallengeVeestro understands that a healthy life can be very difficult to maintain, so we're here to help you eat the best food you can without taking any time out of your day. Give it a try with our Starter Meal Pack which will give you twelve meals and a variety of healthy juices to keep you on track. Each meal is packed with flavor and guaranteed to be all natural, plant based foods with no GMOs, dairy or preservatives. You can eat a fresh lunch every day without regret or hassle.

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