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5 simple ways to cut out dairy

For many of us, the thought of cutting out dairy from our diet completely can be a scary thought! We’ve been raised with the commandment “Drink your milk! It’s good for your bones.” It can be hard to break habits and thoughts that have been ingrained in us since childhood. But now, we know more about factory farming, the harm to the environment and the impact on our health. By putting our money towards plant-based foods, we can begin to send a message to dairy farmers and corporations that we want better options.Maybe it’s time to reconsider our thoughts about dairy, the damaging farming practices and how we’ve included it into our diet. There’s a lot of cows out there that would love to thank you. Try starting slow and choose a plant-based option a few meals a week. See how you feel. You can build up from there and before you know it, you might not even miss cow milk products.Here’s 5 easy ways to leave the dairy back at the farm:Swap #1: Switch to nut milkBefore you shake your head no, consider how many new benefits your body will absorb when you drink a plant-based milk alternative. Did you know that almond milk is low in calories and cholesterol-free, whereas cow milk is high in calories and saturated fat? Not good news for those with heart problems or high cholesterol. Have you ever tried a vanilla almond milk? Some of them taste almost identical to a cookies ‘n cream milkshake. Plus it goes well with coffee, cereal, smoothies and even baking.Swap #2: Try vegan cheeseWe know dairy production is terrible for the environment, and also abundant with animal mistreatment. Many grocery stores have added tastier plant-based cheeses that aren’t soy based or rubbery, including Trader Joe’s. Next time you want to use cheese on something like pizza or a mac and cheese, pick a vegan cheese and test it out. You’ll be surprised how delicious it is and bask in your eco-friendly decision.Swap #3: Trade out your spreadsWe get it – cheese on your bagel or sandwich is crucial if you want a creamy complement to a crunchy texture. Luckily, there are easy substitutes that you probably already have in your fridge. Try hummus on your sandwich or wrap, try a nut butter on your bagel or toast, or forget both of those ideas and slap on some avocado – a surefire way to maintain smooth texture and crucial yumminess.Swap #4: Reach for a new type of yogurtNo need to say goodbye to your morning parfait—there are alternatives for that too. Coconut, soy, and rice-based yogurt options are becoming more and more accessible. Before you judge, give one of these a try. (P.S. coconut is really tasty!) And even better, you’re helping the planet.Swap #5: Consider other toppingsWhile butter and cream have truly made a name for themselves on our plates, there are some very easy (and yummy) replacements that are not only healthier, but also better for the environment. Add some avocado to your taco, coconut oil on top of your potato, or tahini on your salad. They are easier, safer, and less expensive to produce than the dairy-based products you’ve been topping off with.If you’re too busy or not interested in cooking yourself, Veestro has some delicious options that will make the shift so much easier. Try the Pizza Napoletana, Chick’n Quesadilla, or sweeten up your day with a silky Raspberry Cheezcake. You might not even notice you’ve ditched the dairy! 

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