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5 ways to eat less and feel full

There are certain times in life that the easy and obvious solution is the correct solution. When it comes to health and weight loss, eating less is directly linked to losing those pesky extra pounds, but saying it and doing it are very different. No one wants to walk around hungry all the time. It's equally difficult to turn down a food you really love if you're starving. Cutting down on portion size can actually cause you to eat more junk, but if you can eat less and still be full, then you could happily moderate how much you eat.

Try these 5 simple tips to say no to the second helping and be satisfied when you do.

1. Mindful Eating
This means no more TV dinners! Be conscious as you eat and don't let your mind wander allowing you to aimlessly put food in your mouth. If you're right handed, try using your left hand to eat. If you turn your fork up and scoop your food, try turning it down and stab your food. Perhaps you get one portion and eat till you are full. Serve smaller portions and eat slowly forcing yourself to think if you really want to go back for more. Finally chew with intention, and don't put another bite in your mouth until it is completely clear.

2. Don't Wait till You're Starving
The old adage, "your eyes are bigger than your stomach," comes from feeling really hungry and serving ourselves more than we need. During the day have fiber packed snacks, like an apple or pear and a handful of nuts or grains, like granola or trail mix. Fiber helps you stay full longer and not want large portions at meal times. Loading up on fiber for breakfast is a great way to stave off hunger for most of the day! Try Veestro's Oatmeal Breakfast Pie packed with fruit, fiber and flavor.

3. Know Your Body
In today's society, very few of us drink enough water, not diet soda, coffee, tea, flavored drinks or juice, plain water. Most people live at a certain level of dehydration and often confuse thirst for hunger! Any time you are thinking about food or sitting down to eat, drink a full 8 oz. glass of water first. This will keep you hydrated and curb your thirst so you can listen to your hunger.

4. End Your Meal
When you feel full, don't continue to nibble! If you're out to dinner, have the server remove your plate. If you are at a dinner party, try to pace yourself with the slowest eater, take small breaks from eating or offer to help clean up when you feel full. The temptation to finish off bites while cleaning up is common, but allow yourself to wrap the leftovers or throw it away. Finally enjoy a cup of green tea or mint tea, to help release the hormones in your body that say you are full.

5. Enjoy It
Eating less isn't dieting; it's controlling how much you eat, but you may still be eating unhealthy foods. If weight loss is your goal, then just eating less junk is not going to help. This comes from eating better! You can still enjoy every bite, in fact, you should! By smelling your food, enjoying the presentation of your plate and savoring each bite as if you were a food critic, you will be more satisfied with less food and appreciate healthier food.

If you are not convinced, try Veestro's 100% plant based, all natural meals delivered to you. Take pleasure in each bite, be full with less and reach your fitness goals.

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