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5 fast lunchtime hacks

1. Make Extra
When it comes to meal planning, dinner usually gets the most attention. Use that already devoted time to make an extra portion for tomorrow’s lunch. If you’re really in the zone, make enough for the entire week! Pasta, fried rice, and stews are great for freezing in storage containers.

2. Order in Bulk
If cooking isn’t your thing, stock up your freezer with Veestro meals, complete with 20 meals that offer both variety and flavor. That’s one month of perfectly portioned entrees that require no heating or a few minutes in the microwave.

3. Start a Lunch Club
You already share projects with your co-workers, so why not share lunch responsibilities too? Collaborate with five of your closest peers by assigning days for each of them to make lunch for the group. Keep things interesting with themes and ingredient challenges, or pitch in on our meal plans!

4. Play with Your Food
Sand art has evolved into salad art, thanks to mason jars. Take 5 minutes to layer lettuce and your favorite toppings into these simple glass bottles for a healthy and colorful meal that you won’t be ashamed to leave on your desk. Get even more creative with hearty soups and vibrant pastas.

5. Lose the Microwave
If you’re itching for a warm meal that’s not the leftovers you forgot in the car, modern technology has blessed you with a portable oven built into a standard-sized lunchbox. The Hot Logic Mini can take your food from frozen to evenly cooked and steaming hot. Don't worry if you're stuck in a meeting. This little wonder will keep your lunch toasty for up to 12 hours!

This Wednesday through Friday, you can score a Hot Logic Mini with your next Veestro purchase. Sign up for our newsletter to get all the details!

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