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Staying healthy during quarantine

For many of us, we’ve been stuck in quarantine for nearly two months. If you’re stressing about your healthy eating or fitness routine getting out of whack during this period of staying at home, we have you covered.

We’re sharing five ways to stay healthy during this stressful time, so you can feel good, even if your day to day life may look a bit different right now.


5 Hacks to Staying Healthy During Quarantine



#1 Create a Loose Schedule

While it’s easy to want to lounge around in your PJs all day, especially if you have suddenly started working from home, creating a loose schedule can do wonders for your mental and physical health.

Try to stick to some form of schedule as best as you can during this time of quarantine. Maybe this looks like having a morning fitness routine, followed by some set work hours, and then a wind-down hour to practice some self-care.

Getting your must-dos on the calendar will make it much easier to stick to your healthy lifestyle.


#2 Keep Eating Clean

Now that some stay-at-home orders are being lifted, or at least modified, it’s starting to become easier to get back out to the grocery store and pick up your favorite healthy plant-based ingredients. Sticking to your healthy eating routine is an excellent way to give your body the nutrients it needs to stay healthy and help you feel good.

Want a done-for-you option that doesn’t require any grocery shopping? Check out Veestro’s meal plans to see how pre-made plant-based meals delivered straight to your door can help transform your health.


#3 Practice Self-Care

There’s no better time than now to practice some much-needed self-care. Taking care of ourselves is important for both our physical and mental wellbeing. So, pencil in as much time as you can afford to do something for yourself every single day.

Even if it’s just diffusing some essential oils during your daily shower or going for a brisk walk with your pup — just make sure you are doing something that makes you feel good.


#4 Stay Connected

While we often think about our physical health when talking about wellness, our mental health is equally as important. With this quarantine period, we have all lost that in-person connection we may have been used to. However, this doesn’t mean we can’t find time to connect with loved ones and friends.

Staying social through phone and even video calls is a huge way to help support your mental wellbeing during a period where we are all self-isolating.


#5 Stay Active

Just because gyms are closed, doesn’t mean that we can’t stay active during quarantine. Exercise plays such an important role in supporting both physical and mental health (hello stress relief!) So, get outside for a walk, find a home workout video online that inspires you to move, or just grab those weight or resistance bands you may have sitting around and get moving!

We promise you’ll never regret a good workout!


Be Well, Even in Quarantine

Even though many of us are still staying home, it doesn’t mean that we can’t stay healthy. With some simple hacks, you can still take care of your mental and physical health, so that you can feel your best even when your typical daily schedule may not look the same.

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