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An 85-day bike ride to promote healthy eating

Richie Crowley, former professional hockey player, serial social entrepreneur, idea generator, and wellness advocate has taken on the challenge of cycling 85 days across the US to help raise awareness about healthy living. He started his trek on July 20, 2019, and will be cycling through October 12, 2019 landing in Los Angeles California.

How the Idea of the Wellness Ride Came About

Richie defines wellness holistically to include what we consume, how we move, our sleep, stress creation and management, but also love, gratitude, community living, and how we speak to ourselves. Richie is also a firm believer in plant-based eating, and that wellness needs to be affordable, convenient, and accessible. 

This sparked the idea of the 85-day Wellness Ride. The idea came about when Richie wanted to find a way to make plant-based eating accessible, convenient, and affordable for all. This is where Veestro came in and where our visions aligned.

We can’t think of a better way to bring organic, healthy, and plant-based foods across America than by sponsoring Richie’s ride.

We are honored to be sending an average of 400 meals to six food shelters that Richie is stopping at along the way to help support organizations and feed the hungry.

Want to learn a little more about what Richie has been up to since he embarked on his journey on July 20th? Richie lets us in on his daily rides as he shares snippets from his trek through his online diary on Medium.


Operation Food Search with Veestro Donations

What The Wellness Ride Has Reinforced So Far

One thing Richie has shared with us since the start of his ride is that wellness needs to be accessible in order for healthy living to be sustainable. The Wellness Ride has reinforced that money is not the biggest barrier when it comes to wellness. 

Richie believes that the biggest barrier to wellness is convenience. He has witnessed individuals spend $10 at a fast-food restaurant because that is the only restaurant in town. Options are limited to fast food and gas stations.

Here’s a little more about what he had to say.

“In order to advance wellness, we must make eating well convenient for all individuals, and that's exactly why Veestro is important. Veestro eliminates any geographic barriers, and it eliminates any hours of operations barriers.”

We are so excited to be able to donate Veestro meals to those in need and make healthy eating accessible, easy, and convenient to help support Richie’s mission to help raise awareness for healthy living.


Next Stop, Colorado

So, where’s Richie off to next? Next stop is Colorado. Want to join in on the ride and help Richie spread the message of healthy living and help those in need? A $5 donation on our website is enough to buy a meal for someone in need at one of the shelters that Richie will be stopping at! That’s it, just $5 to feed a stranger in need.

There’s truly no better way to support Richie’s mission than to help others through acts of kindness, all while spreading the important message of plant-based eating and healthy living.

Want in? Click here to be a part of The Wellness Ride.

Read more about 10 Tips for Going Plant-Based.

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