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How eating plant-based will increase your energy and happiness

Feeling sluggish after a meal of chicken, beef, or ham? But, who doesn’t love to eat, right? You tell yourself that it doesn’t matter – you will diet tomorrow, and then you will feel better. But, did you know there is a way to eat delicious food that reduces the heavy feeling and gives energy without giving up taste or breaking the bank? And even better yet, there is a way to eat food that will produce epic energy levels without feeling like you are on a strict diet.

The answer is a plant-based diet and endorphins. Certain plant-based foods will give you more energy so you can go about your day as happy as a lark.

What are endorphins?

Endorphins are groups of hormones released in your brain that make you feel happy. They stimulate feelings of pleasure, well-being, reduce pain, and are released in response to any stress or pain you might be feeling. There are a variety of endorphins, but the most common types are serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin.  
When you feel amazing after exercise, sex, or even after a good laugh, it is because of endorphins. You feel elated and you want that feeling to never end. Certain plant-based foods can also release endorphins, creating the perfect scenario for a happy, healthy life, and abundant energy.


What are the best plant-based foods to eat for optimal endorphin release? 

  1. Nuts and seeds. Black walnuts, butternuts, cashews, seeds, and almonds are all known to release serotonin, one of the feel-good endorphins. Add one or all of these seeds to a bowl of fruit in the morning, and you will be ready to start the day with energy.

  2. Spicy foods like plant-based curries. As a response to spicy, hot food, the body releases serotonin to stabilize your mood. You cannot go wrong with a plant-based curry like Veestro’s Red Curry Tofu.

  3. Probiotic foods. Fermented foods are great for the release of endorphins. Kimchi, sauerkraut, tempeh, miso, kombucha, or unsweetened full-fat coconut yogurt are winners if you are a fan of fermented foods. Learn about the benefits of fermented foods here.

  4. High vitamin C foods. You will thrive eating strawberries, oranges, broccoli, red and green peppers, tomatoes, parsley, kale, kiwi, and brussels sprouts. These are only some of the delicious foods available to help you release endorphins and feel amazing.

  5. Dark chocolate. Yes, you read that correctly: chocolate helps release serotonin and dopamine. Isn’t that the best news ever? Now you know why most people love to eat chocolate!


What are the results of eating plant-based food for endorphin release and epic energy?

  1. You will feel lighter. You will notice more energy (endorphins at work) when you eat a healthy, plant-based diet. It takes the body less energy to digest plant-based food versus animal-based products. Learn how here.

  2. You will reduce inflammation and lethargy. Eating healthy fruit, vegetables, and plant-based meals naturally reduces inflammation caused by animal-based food. The less inflammation, the more energy you feel.  

  3. You will feel happier. The more endorphins your brain produces, the more joyful you will feel, and the happier you will be. It’s that simple!

  4. You will feel calmer. Have you noticed after exercising that your body feels clean and calm? You will feel the same after eating plant-based food that releases endorphins like Veestro’s all-organic Kale and Quinoa Salad.

  5. You will sleep like a baby. Eating well and regular exercise help regulate your sleep. It all works hand in hand, so make a plan to eat plant-based foods today!


 Eating a plant-based diet will increase your energy and release those good feelings you crave. The foods mentioned above will especially trigger the endorphins that make you happy, content, and calm. And these days, who doesn’t need more of that, right?

Read more about the plant-based diet and energy-producing foods. Try one of Veestro’s all-organic, no preservative, energy-boosting, prepared meals today.

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