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Are plant-based meat alternatives healthy for you?

The plant-based meat industry is skyrocketing and expected to grow to a whopping $74.2 billion by 2027. Animal-based food companies are trying to find ways to stay ahead of the game since the demand for their products is diminishing. This is great news for the health-conscious individual going plant-based since there are varieties of products to choose from these days. But, are they healthy to eat? Well, studies show most meat alternatives are safe, healthy, and better for the planet. Let’s explore.

 There is abundant evidence demonstrating a whole foods, plant-based diet helps maintain a healthy, thriving body. Even better, if you go to almost any grocery store today, you will find plant-based meat substitutes like burgers, hot dogs, ground beef, chicken, pork, or even shrimp to add to your diet. These foods are delicious and many times taste like their animal-based products. But, in addition to tastiness, eating these substitutes come with many advantages. Let’s look at four benefits plant-based meat alternatives bring to the table.


Plant-based meat alternatives contain protein

Everyone knows we need protein to survive. Protein is found abundantly in plant-based meat alternatives. Food like chicken, pork, and meat substitutes are made with soy or pea protein. Other substitutes are made with tempeh, seitan, beans, lentils, nuts, and seeds. I bet you might not know that plants yield ten times more protein per acre than meat. Pretty amazing, right? So, by eating plant-based meats you are not only getting adequate protein requirements, but you are contributing to the best use of the finite resources on our planet.

Plant-based meat alternatives contain fiber

Fiber is another important benefit of consuming a plant-based diet. Diets that contain lots of fiber keep you regular so you eliminate toxins from your body, and plant-based meat contains the fiber you need. As a matter of fact, animal-based meat does not contain any fiber, so your body struggles to remain regular. The answer is reducing your meat intake and adding more plant-based meat substitutes into your diet. A bean breakfast burrito or a lentil burger is a healthy choice. Your heart will love you!  


Plant-based meat alternatives are good for the environment

Going plant-based and reducing animal consumption is the best way to help conserve the environment. Meat alternatives made from plants require less water to grow; did you know it takes approximately 1850 gallons of water to produce ONE ounce of beef? Meat made from plants also requires less energy than animal-based meat and emits fewer greenhouse gases. So, as you can see, going plant-based is the right thing to do for our planet.  


Plant-based meat alternatives reduce animal suffering

Many people are realizing the worldwide suffering of animals these days. By reducing or eliminating meat from your diet, you will be participating in helping to stop the current plight of animals. Every time you choose plant-based food, even if it’s only one meal, it saves another animal from turmoil. 



In addition to taste and ease, there are many benefits of eating plant-based meat alternatives such as health, ethical, and environmental reasons. Veestro makes it easy for you to make the switch to plant-based. Our food is organic, healthy, fully prepared, and of course, made from pants. Try Veestro’s Southwest BBQ Chick’n for dinner instead of a steak. Or, see below for more delicious choices.

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