About Us


We love good food. Growing up in a big family, my sister Monica and I always loved the social aspect of sharing a great meal together. And we still look forward to those special times surrounded by friends and family and home-cooked food. But much has changed since our childhood in Costa Rica, where we ate tons of fresh fruits and vegetables and every meal was prepared from scratch. When we came to the US for college, we both struggled to make healthy food choices -- fast food was quick and easy to eat between classes and studying. Later, as young business people pursuing our careers, our on-the-go eating habits didn’t improve much.

So it was a trip to the frozen food aisle that changed everything for me. There would always be times when I needed to grab a quick bite, but I was no longer willing to compromise on nutrition and health. The backs of the frozen meal boxes were loaded with ingredients that I couldn’t pronounce. What was in these meals? If I couldn’t find frozen options that fit into my new commitment to whole foods and plant-based nutrition, then I would create them.  And Veestro was born.

Our first course of action was to join forces with a world-class gourmet chef, who was born into a vegetarian family in Bolivia. He started working in vegetarian kitchens as a boy and has since perfected the art of plant-based dining. His culinary style was inspired by fresh cuisines from across the globe, yielding an eclectic set of flavorful vegetarian dishes. We all agreed that everyone should have access to healthy, affordable, delicious vegetarian food no matter where they live or how jam-packed their schedules.

Veestro’s meal plans have enhanced the way we eat; the key here is you can eat these meals knowing that you are enjoying all natural, preservative-free food that is high in protein and fiber, packed with nutrients and simply delicious -- straight from your freezer. For us, Veestro is a movement that proves you don’t have to sacrifice taste and convenience for health-conscious, nutritious food. 


Mark and Monica
Founder and Co-founder