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I’m a stay-at-home mom who does my best to feed my children healthy food. I wasn’t big on frozen meals...until I tried Veestro. I was thrilled to find that the food tastes fresh and flavorful while boasting natural ingredients and no preservatives. It makes serving my family an easy meal both healthy and guilt free!

Amy D.

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Affordable Healthy Meals Delivered Right To You!

Veestro makes eating healthy easy. Incorporating a plant-based diet into your busy lifestyle can often be difficult—ensuring you have delicious and satisfying lunch options at work or school, making dinner after a full day, preparing a breakfast that keeps you healthy and alert. But with Veestro's vegetarian meal delivery service, you will always have delicious, healthy food at hand.

Chef-Created Healthy Meals Delivered to Your Home or Office

Our chef has developed a large variety of delicious, hearty and satisfying meat and dairy-free dishes that will please any palate. All our foods are 100% plant-based, organic, pesticide-free, preservative-free, and 100% tasty. From breakfast to dessert, we make a plant-based lifestyle easy and scrumptious! Many of our meals are also gluten-free. Veestro plant-based meals are an easy way to feed your entire family well, while keeping them healthy and fit—and they taste great!

Ease and Convenience: Our scrumptious meals are carefully prepared and then quickly frozen to maintain freshness. They are then shipped directly to your door (your home or your business) with easy reheating instructions right on the packages. Meals can be prepared in any home kitchen, or in a microwave at the office. They are easily defrosted to be prepared for insulated school lunches as well. With Veestro, it's easy to ensure quick healthy meals at any time or place.

Ordering from Veestro’s home meal delivery service means you will always have gourmet healthy dishes on hand without the time and effort needed to prepare them from scratch (less time needed for the farmer's market or grocery shopping, the chopping, washing, cooking, etc.). With our entrees, soups, juices, breakfast options and more, Veestro makes it easy to JUST DEFROST, HEAT AND ENJOY!