Holiday Pack

Holiday Pack

Who says a plant-based diet doesn't pack enough protein? To that, we say, Protein Power Pack.


Holiday Pack for 2: Includes an assortment of our Holiday Meals

  • 2x Herb Crusted Turk'y
  • 2x Cauliflower Milanese Dinner
  • 2x Holiday Roast
  • 2x Hearty Roasted Medley
  • 2x Turk'y Scaloppini Dinner
  • 2x Baked Mac & Cheez Dinner
  • 2x Pecan Pie
  • 2x Pumpkin Pie

Holiday Pack for 4: Includes an assortment of our Holiday Meals

  • 4x Herb Crusted Turk'y
  • 4x Cauliflower Milanese Dinner
  • 4x Holiday Roast
  • 4x Hearty Roasted Medley
  • 4x Turk'y Scaloppini Dinner
  • 4x Baked Mac & Cheez Dinner
  • 4x Pecan Pie
  • 4x Pumpkin Pie


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