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At Veestro all of our ingredients come straight from local farms. We whip up fresh-from-the-field dishes and immediately flash freeze them for delivery to your doorstep.

We're big freezer believers and here's five reasons frozen foods are often better than fresh.

1. freeze the flavor

Flash-freezing produce and meals ensures you get perfectly vine-ripened flavor whenever you're ready to heat and eat. Typically, "fresh" produce is harvested early, before peak ripeness and then must ripen in a truck on the way to a grocery store.

2. nutrients on ice

Key vitamins, nutrients and other good stuff is locked in when foods are frozen fresh. After just five days in the fridge, "fresh" produce counterparts lose vitamin A, vitamin C and folate.

3. easy freezy

Once frozen, produce and meals are no longer in a race against the freshness clock. Mealtime simply becomes more convenient. Frozen meals are easy to store - easy to make on your schedule.

4. frozen in time

Frozen food stays better for way longer. Ice is nature's pause button and is perfect for the unpredictable, busy lifestyles of the real world.

5. price drop

Because it's easier to prepare and store, frozen foods end up saving you money. Less food going bad, more time to enjoy mealtime - it's a win on all fronts.