Delivery Map

We Deliver to Every State in the 'Lower 48'!

Where do we deliver our 100% plant-based prepared meals? To the 'Lower 48' states in the U.S. (In other words, every state but Alaska and Hawaii.) Your Veestro food is cooked fresh, frozen immediately, packed in dry ice and shipped to you via FedEx Ground from our kitchen in southern California. Delivery times vary according to distance. See the map below to estimate when your package will arrive. We ship all packages to the eastern U.S. on Mondays. Packages going to western states ship on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Where is Veestro Most Popular?

The map below shows what percentage of our shipments have gone to each state. The darker the green color, the more deliveries we've made to that state.

As you can see, we're particularly popular in our home state of California (no surprise). The northeast is a popular region (NY, how you doin'?). And lots of folks in Florida like our food (thanks Sunshine State!). Go ahead, find your state. Is it light or dark? If it's light, order some Veestro and make it a bit more green!