meatless monday + veestro


your new favorite day

why meat-free?

Going meatless even just once a week can positively impact your health – lowering the risk of diabetes, cancer, obesity and chronic diseases. Not to mention it helps save the planet and reduce our carbon footprint.

why monday?

Research shows that you’re more likely to form healthy habits and stay on track on Mondays. It’s a powerful day to make positive change. Rock your Monday meat-free and you’re more likely to stick with it.

say YES: I’m in.

What’s in the new Meatless Monday pack? You’ll get 8 breakfasts, 8 lunches, and 8 dinners. That’s 8 weeks of meat-free Monday meals, delivered straight to your front door. Plus it comes gluten-free!

mondays never looked so good!

Meatless Monday Pack

Meatless Monday Pack

$ 199.00

Mondays just got a whole lot better! Go meatless for 8 Mondays with this delicious assortment of meals.   

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