Surviving the Summer Music Festival

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So-you and your friends are off on a road trip to a weekend of good music, fun, and....concert food. As a person who has gone to many a concert, the food choices (while they have improved significantly) at festivals are much like street fairs. You'll always be able to find late night pizza, grilled cheese, and burgers. So what about choices for those who don't want to feel like they just ate a ton of bricks? Bring your own!! I always pack a ton of food to bring to concerts. And you know who is always psyched I did besides my hubby?  All of our friends who win out! Here's my latest concert food prep:

Tips for Surviving the Summer Music Festival:

1) Bring WATER!!! Most places will let you bring in factory sealed water bottles. Find out the rules and bring your own! If they don't let you-they usually will allow a totally empty bottle.  You can also refill them inside the venue. Another thing I travel with is my Brita pitcher (or I have a Brita filter on a water bottle too). It filters out the water, and is easy enough to throw in a bag or suitcase. We use this to refill our traditional water bottles and have NEVER regretted bringing it along.

2) Bring hydrating foods! Foods like watermelon, cucs, peppers all help to hydrate you after long days in the sun (and perhaps a few cocktails).  Add to the nutrition by packing along some hummus, which always makes a great post show snack.

3) Breakfast: I have watched many cook up a breakfast laden with eggs, bacon, cheese and-oh yes, LOTS of grease! I bring along dried oats, and fresh fruit to make oatmeal. Easy to make on a camping stove, or no cooking required! Add equal parts almond milk and oats, let soak for about 40 minutres, and you've got breakfast! I add in cinnamon, fresh fruit, and some walnuts and I'm ready to rock out!  Also great, make some granola bars to bring along. I make a big batch of my granola bars, and wrap each in a wrapper. They're great for breakfasts or snacks throughout the day.  

4)  Lunches/pre-show ideas: Make something lighter-my famous veggie rolls are the best thing to take to a concert! I bake tofu in some BBQ sauce for about 1 hour, and let cool. Make a batch of rice, bring along some greens, and seaweed sheets-and lay it down! For a how-to, click here, except this recipe doesn't use tofu.

5) Late night snacks: We're all starving after a show. So..have some veggie burgers packed up in that cooler. Also great to bring: coleslaw & tabbouleh along for great sides.  Everyone wanted to share! Don't forget the hummus and veggies! We also love to crunch. So-have some snacks for crunching. Things like peanuts/trail mix, celery, carrots, rice cakes with hummus, air popped popcorn, and if you'd like something a little less healthy there's always tortilla chips and salsa.

By bringing your own food you will:

1) Save money

2) Save time waiting for food, or searching for food

3) Feel so much better than everyone else

4) Make friends

I can't wait for more concerts ahead! Hope you have a great concert season too, filled with great food, friends, and vibes!

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