Kathy Patalsky: Veestro Update

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Enchilada Casserole

It's been two weeks since cookbook author Kathy Patalsky of HealthyHappyLife.com started the 21 day kickstart program to supplement her busy post-move schedule. Here's an update on some of her family's favorite Veestro meals, straight from her blog:

"* mushroom risotto - feels like a fancy dinner from a fancy restaurant, but you can eat in in your PJs. I like to serve this one with a side salad.
* chickpea stew - love this one for lunch on a busy day!
* omelet primavera - my husband's favorite breakfast. He loves the mushroom filling and the side of potatoes. I added a few pinches of cayenne to make the red sauce extra spicy for him.
* roasted kale and beet salad with walnuts - loved this!! I was so surprised that a salad could taste this good, when it was thawed from a freezer! Seriously devoured this one day for lunch. Loved the dressing too.
* Enchilada Casserole - tastes like warming up my fave homemade enchilada leftovers. So good!
* Tuscan Calzone - my husband loves calzones, but they are really hard to find vegan! So boom, craving satisfied."

We look forward to sharing the full review of her Veestro experience on this blog! 

Veestro roasted beet and kale salad by Kathy Patalsky










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