21 Days with Kathy Patalsky

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At Veestro, we're here to please. Nothing pleases us more than hearing that we've helped make someone's day. So when we learned that cookbook author Kathy Patalsky of HealthyHappyLife.com was going to spend a week moving, we teamed up to help make the first few weeks of her move a little easier with Veestro meals. 

It's been a week since the start of Kathy's 21 day kickstart program, the feedback's in, and we're pleased to read what she's said about us:

"As a vegan chef, I love Veestro. Here is why.. I hear so many people say,

" I would love to try to eat vegan if I had time to cook, or knew how to cook vegan!"

Well, Veestro is pretty much the perfect solution to this problem. You can give plant-based eating a try without much commitment to buying a bunch of new ingredients. Then Veestro becomes a doorway to plant-based eating. I hope that if people try and love Veestro, they will get loads of ideas for how they can start to incorporate these meals and recipes into their personal cooking routine. Or if they just want to stay on the Veestro program and have hassle free meals, delivered to their door they can do that too. "

And everyone, not just vegans, will love the meals. "So, far, I have been so impressed with the flavors and diversity of the meals. The meals are very familiar. Comfort foods like lasagna, pizza, soups, risotto, burritos and more."



We can't wait to hear more! Follow Kathy on HealthyHappyLife.com as she shares her experience with Veestro






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