New Spins on Labor Day Favorites

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This Labor Day, surprise your friends with a plant-based menu of everyone's backyard favorites.  It all starts with choosing what dishes you want to serve, so we’ve come up with a classic weekend meal and then modified it to fit your lifestyle. 


All great parties have something to nibble on from the get go!  A go to snack that everyone enjoys is chips and salsa, but you can always get creative with your dips. Besides the standard Pico de Gallo, add in a sweet and spicy dip to keep things interesting. Here’s a tropical option for you to try:

Dice 2 large mangoes, and mix with 1 finely chopped large jalapeño.  Add in 1 medium diced purple onion, ½ cup chopped cilantro, and the fresh juice of 2-3 limes.  Sprinkle with a dash of salt and watch your friends go wow over this delicious treat.  Any extra salsa goes great as a topping on grilled tofu!


A large salad is always a party pleaser!  Options are endless, from a classic Caesar to a chilled pasta salad.  To keep it green, order Veestro’s family sized portion of our kale and quinoa salad that’s been lightly tossed in a tahini dressing and topped with flavor packed tempeh bits.

Main Dish

Nothing says summer get together like the burger!  Making a truly great veggie patty can be time consuming, so we’ve got two that you can choose from or order both.  Our classic veggie burger has the rich flavor of braised tempeh and tamari with an assortment of hearty plants like brown rice, mushrooms and black beans.  For a different twist, order up a few of our quinoa patties with their zingy red bell pepper, garlic and paprika flavors!

Side Dish

No plate is complete without a complimentary side dish.  You could easily grill up
some corn on the cob or wrap up cubed potatoes, chopped onion, dill, olive oil, salt and pepper in aluminum and roast it until soft, but we’ve got something a bit more indulgent! Serve the veggie burgers alongside our savory mushroom risotto.  The luxurious blend of shallots, white wine and organic Arborio rice will leave everyone wanting more.  You can even put it in your own serving dish and pass it off as a home cooked meal.  It’s so delicious no one will know, and we’ll never tell!


Don’t forget the best part! Order up a family sized chocolate cheesecake or raspberry cheesecake to dish out a little decadence at the end of the party. 

With the tantalizing flavor of plants, Veestro will make your Labor Day meal the talk of the season! 












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