Be Uniquely Green This St. Patrick’s Day

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Is there really a better day to be a veggie lover than St. Patrick’s Day?  For 24 hours we go green: green clothes, green drinks and green food!  This year get creative and break free from green beer and a side of celery sticks. Here are some green inspirations to help you have fun on March 17th and surprise your friends with some delicious new twists.

Romanesco Broccoli

As the highlight of your appetizers, cook up some Romanesco.  A cross between broccoli and cauliflower, this beautiful spiraling, fractal plant is more art than vegetable.  It has a solid crunch with a subtle nutty flavor.  It can be eaten raw or lightly steamed to enhance its brilliant color.  It’s also a fun finger food roasted in the oven with a little olive oil and your favorite spices, like salt and pepper!


Break out the chayote!  This green little beauty is in the gourd family, with the texture of a crunchy apple and the light flavor of a cucumber.  It’s one exotic squash that will leave your guests wanting more. Try sautéing it in a little olive oil with some garlic, salt, and pepper for a couple minutes then splash in some raspberry vinegar and a dash of cayenne for a couple minutes more until the chayote is starting to soften but still crisp.  Think al dente!

Watermelon Radish

Do you like your greens to be pretty too?  Slice up some watermelon radish for a vibrant fuchsia wrapped in subtle green. Whether used for a dip, as a garnish or incorporated into a dish, this small gem makes food glamorous.  They have a slight peppery flavor like a radish but with a hint of sweet that smooths it out.


For a green cocktail that is healthy and divine, try experimenting with chlorella.  Did you know that chlorella can lessen the symptoms of a hangover by 96%?  You may want to add it to your drinks year round. Since it does have an extremely strong and pungent flavor, you want to mix it sparingly with strong flavors like dark rums or bourbons.  Think green and add in some French Chartreuse or mint for mojitos!


If this is all a bit too extravagant, go for a simple green fruit plate!  Slice up some kiwi for a classic.  Look for carambola, star fruit, in your produce department and add a naturally fun shape to your plate.  If sweet sounds good, find some Cherimoya.  Mark Twain said it was, “the most delicious fruit know to man.” With a creamy white center, it is sometimes called a custard apple.  Finally, for a good old fashion splash of green, add in some grapes.  This fruit platter will leave your guests green with envy!

To stay green throughout the year and shed those pesky extra pounds in the process, take a look at all the wonderful plant based meals Veestro has created for you.  There are three weight loss plans that have your menus designed and ready with your greenest self in mind.  If St. Patrick’s Day is just another Thursday on your calendar, make every day a green choice with Veestro.

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