Why Do a Juice Cleanse?

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Should you try a juice cleanse? The answer is yes! 
But the reasons why are probably not what you were thinking.

There is an incredible amount of controversial information about juice cleansing on the internet, so let’s try to make some of it a bit clearer.  Most importantly, should you do it?  Why are you doing it?  What will it do for you?  Finally, how should you go about it?  There’s no need to spend hours researching the details of all these questions.  What you need to know is here.

Should you try a juice cleanse?  The answer is yes, but the reasons why are probably not what you were thinking.  This is not a diet scheme or a claim to full body detoxification, but it will aid your internal organs to achieve more with less work.  If you have any medical conditions, such as diabetes, heart conditions or special dietary needs, you should speak with your physician before beginning a liquid cleanse.  It does not mean you cannot do this for your body.  It simply means you may have to make some personal modifications to keep your optimal health needs met.   

Now why have you decided to do a juice cleanse?  Let’s clarify some of your motivations.  This is not a lose weight quick method nor is it a long term solution.  You will lose weight, but most of it will be water weight which will return when you begin eating normally.  This is also not a long term solution to detoxifying your body.  Your system naturally cleanses itself, and only a daily lifestyle of eating smart can help keep toxins out of your system.  You may be thinking, “So why do the juice cleanse?”


There are five significantly valuable reasons to try a juice cleanse.

That’s where you need to know what it will do for you.  There are five significantly valuable reasons to try a juice cleanse.  They may not be your initial reasons, but they will become your motivation.

  1. Break the Cycle
    The most important benefit of doing a juice cleanse is breaking the cycle of bad habits and food addictions. It reprograms the mind as much as the body.  By stopping your cravings for sugar, caffeine, processed foods, high carbs, alcohol and other unhealthy products, you can give yourself a fresh  start for a lifestyle of smart food choices.

  2. Rest the Body
    It also gives a much needed rest to the liver, kidneys, stomach and GI tract.  Current eating habits put a lot of extra stress on the body.  Many people rely on antacids and stomach medications because there is an imbalance in our diets.  A juice cleanse gives the stomach a reprieve as the liquids are easily digested.  The liver does an excellent job at detoxing our systems, but it can’t always keep up with the junk we put in.  Just as the gut can heal itself, but we don’t always give it time as we keep it challenged with daily processing of heavy foods.  Giving your body a 3 to 5 day break allows the liver and gut time to catch up and get the repairs done.

  3. Reduce Your Appetite
    A cleanse will help you keep weight off in your future by reducing your appetite. It’s a bit of a falsehood to say it will shrink your stomach.  If that’s the case, you are not drinking enough!  What it will do is teach you to realize when you are full without being stuffed.  It’s nearly impossible to gorge ourselves on fruit and vegetable juice. A proper cleanse will give your system enough nutrients to be completely satiated without the bloat. 

  4. Food Elimination Test
    Some benefits are realized after the cleanse as you introduce foods back into your system. Resist the urge to have a loaded meal when you begin to eat again.  Try specific foods like dairy, wheat or meat and let your body define your health.  If you notice discomfort, bloating, inflammation or any other negative physical affects, your body is telling you to cut that food from your daily intake. 

  5. Heal Yourself
    Finally, a successful juice cleanse will flood the body with nutrients that begin to repair cells and heal disease throughout the body. There is truly no better way to see the value of a plant based lifestyle.  As pain and discomfort leaves, you will realize what is truly needed on the inside to keep you strong and healthy.

    Now you know why to do a juice cleanse and what it will and won’t do for you, so how should you begin?  At Veestro we have developed a program filled with both fruits and vegetables to drench your system with the right vitamins and nutrients it needs to achieve the best results.  As with all dietary programs, you can modify it to suit your needs.  We offer three day and five day veggie/juice cleanse packages to get you started on a path to wellness.  During the cleanse be sure to drink a lot of water and don’t try to push yourself physically.  This will be a time of rest inside and out.  Your future is waiting for you to make the right choices today!


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