Why Are We Overweight? Duh, It's the Food!

Posted by Greg Newman on

Bulletin of the World Health Organization has published a new study that finds the proportion of adults worldwide with a body mass index (BMI) of 25 kg/m2 or greater increased from 28.8% to 36.9% in men, and from 29.8% to 38.0% in women between 1980 and 2013. And in the U.S. alone, the report notes, the food energy supply went up by 768 calories per person between 1971 and 2008. 

To combat the problem, the study recommends eating more fresh foods rather than processed, and exercising. Sounds like good advice, and here at Veestro we can help. Our 100% plant-based meals delivered to your door are an easy and delicious way to eat healthy!

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