Red, White, & Blue Can Be Healthy For You!

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How about this 4th of July, instead of grabbing for the bag of chips, burgers, and hot dogs most people feel compelled to serve, you serve something to really celebrates independence?! Independence from the Standard American Diet (yup, SAD for short). Many Americans feel that a summer celebration must include meat on a grill. It's the grill that has gotten so many Americans into diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. Break the trend. Don't bow to the pressure (or if you have to attend such a BBQ like I have to, bring a whole bunch of stuff with you!)!  Be a veggie ambassador! If nothing more, you know that when you bring healthy food along, there will be good choices for you, and those you love. 

Animal-based foods are linked to so many diseases. I look at each holiday that I attend as a way to share healthy, foods that are beautiful and taste great! Whenever I bring something, people engage in a conversation about it. This leads me to be able to teach them that plant-based foods are easy to make and taste delish! Use these moments to teach others why you want to eat more plants. Often people feel that cooking healthy is hard and expensive. Many feel that if they eat "low-fat" animal based protein, they're eating healthy. They have been conditioned to feel this way by special interests like the meat and dairy industry.  They have been told that their genetic predisposition for disease is their fate. Not so to all of the above!!!! What you eat, greatly influences whether or not your genetic traits will be turned on and expressed in the body. 

Want some ideas to bring along? Here are 3 great suggestions for you to make or take!

Baked Beans: always an awesome take along, and who doesn't like them?! My version is void of oil and refined sugars. Perfect for any allergen! Beans are an important part of a plant-based diet. They're packed with plant-based protein, fiber, magnesium, iron, and potassium.  They should be consumed daily to boost heart health, lower LDL cholesterol, and regulate blood sugar.

Veggie Burgers: here are 2 varieties, one sweet potato burger, and one with a cauliflower base. Great additions to the desire for the burger. Both of these recipes are high in fiber, flavor, and great sources of protein! Fiber is awesome for regulating blood sugar, digestive health, reducing cancer risk, and increasing satiety.

**Check my past posts too, Red Cabbage Slaw, Miso Marinated Shish Kebabs, Asian Noodle Salad, Buckwheat Tabbouleh Salad, Brussels Sprout Slaw, and more! Let me know how you like these ideas!

Join me in helping spread the plant-based message. Veggies empower us to feel our best, look our best, and be the healthiest we can be. Check out my sites @gardenfreshfoodie on Instagram & Facebook, @gardenfreshfood on Twitter & Pintrest. I'll be posting some dessert recipes in upcoming posts.



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