Stop the Madness! Treat Heart Disease with a Healthy Diet -- Not Drugs!

Posted by Greg Newman on

The treatment of heart disease in the United States is absolutely barbaric -- and it doesn't work! The Nutritional Research Foundation argues, "Studies have found no evidence that angioplasty and stent placement for coronary artery disease resulted in fewer heart attacks or deaths when compared to patients with the same level of disease who were not treated in this manner." So why are we cutting people open and stretching and cutting out areas with plaque, then giving them drugs to control the return of plaque? Because it's big business: $120 Billion per year in the US alone!

Stop the madness! According the the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute a nutrient dense plant-based diet can help control (and, yes, even reverse) the factors that cause heart disease -- high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

Take control. Eat healthy! And with Veestro you don't have to sacrifice taste for health. Our gourmet, chef-prepared meals are so delicious and filling you won't believe you're eating 'health' food! 

Want to learn more about health and diet? Don't take our word for it! Check out this video by Dr. Fuhrman, director of research for Nutritional Research Foundation and author of seven books on diet and health, including "Eat to Live".


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