Father's Day for the Earth Friendly Dad

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There are few things worth celebrating more than a compassionate father, grandfather or caregiving man in your life.  The loving paternal nature is both strong and kind.  So in today’s society of guns, hunting, steak baskets and animal skin accessories, what do you do for a conscientious dad?  You give from the heart.

Nothing says, ‘I love you,’ more than actions.  If there is a cause that your father supports, find a rally or meeting and offer to join him as a fellow supporter.  If he’s an incredibly hard worker, take up one or a few of his weekly chores like mowing the lawn, taking out the trash or simply calling that plumber after all.  Try appealing to his physical side and book him a deep tissue massage or a day in the spa sauna and hot tubs.  Since many plant based dads also love nature, take a drive to his favorite park or hiking trail and pack up a gourmet salad and protein rich hummus to keep you going.

They say, “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.”  If this is true, then start scouring the web or his favorite cookbooks for truly inspired plant-based meals!  Create your day’s meal plan in advance, so you have all the ingredients
ready and any necessary prep work done.  Treat that special father in your life like a king with breakfast brought in on a tray, lunch prepared and delivered and a soothing dinner set with candles.  Show how important the moment is by turning off your phones, TVs and computers, so nothing can interrupt the connection of good food and good company. 

Don’t forget dessert!  Chocolate isn’t just for women.  Rich, raw cocoa powder has endless possibilities.  If he likes a little spice, add dried red chili to your brownies, fudge or pudding.  Perhaps a little sea salt on top of a coconut dark chocolate bar.  Nut butters, raw nuts and dried fruit are all excellent pairings with chocolate as well.

If the man in your life loves to cook, consider getting him a subscription to a culinary magazine or signing up for a cooking class.  Perhaps he struggles with certain dishes that could be made easier by the newest kitchen gadget like a vegetable spiralizer or a mandoline-slicer.  If fresh ingredients are key, consider starting a windowsill herb garden, or if space allows, an outdoor vegetable garden.  This can be a great project to work on together! 

If none of this quite fits the bill, then consider having chef-crafted, plant-based meals delivered directly to his door!  These are a great way to give health and nourishment back to the one who has nourished you over the years.  Whether he’s a super busy guy or lives alone and could use some better food in his refrigerator, any one of Veestro’s varied meal plans will keep him full and healthy! So this year please his heart and his taste buds. Happy Father’s Day.


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