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If you are researching whether having a plant based diet will give you enough protein, you can click here.  This article is for those who already have a predominantly plant based diet and want to know the best sources of plant protein and how to create a protein packed meal.  After reading this, you may think you’ve tried all these foods and dinner still doesn’t cut it.  We can help you there. Check out Veestro’s Protein Power Pack with 25 meals filled with flavor and substance that will keep you going all day long.

So a quick reminder that you should consume roughly .4 grams of protein for every pound of body weight.  For example, a person who weighs 155 pounds needs 62 grams of protein in an active day. With that in mind, take a look at some of nature’s highest protein plants!

Nuts, Grains and Seeds

Quinoa                   11 grams / cup

Hemp Seeds         16 grams / 3 tablespoons

Almonds                6 grams / 23 nuts

Buckwheat            13 grams / ½ cup

Seitan                     75 grams / 100 grams

Oats                        26 grams / cup

Pumpkin seeds     12 grams / cup

Shelled walnuts    15 grams / cup

Beans, Including Soy Products

Cooked Lentils     17.9 grams / cup

White beans         17.4 grams /cup

Kidney beans       15.3 grams /cup

Lima beans          14.7 grams /cup

Black beans         15.2 grams / cup

Tofu                      10 grams / ½ cup

Tempeh               31 grams / cup

Soy Milk              8 grams / cup


Kale                             3 grams / cup

Broccoli                        2.6 grams / cup

Avocado                       4 grams / 1 avocado

White mushrooms     3.9 grams / cup

Artichoke                     4.2 grams / 1 artichoke

Cauliflower                   2.1 grams / cup

Sweet yellow corn        4.7 grams / cup


Blackberries      2 grams / cup

Starfruit             1.1 grams / cup

Nectarine          1.5 grams / fruit

Grapefruit          2 grams / fruit

Raspberries       1.5 grams / cup

Passion Fruit      5.2 grams / cup

Pomegranate     4.7 grams / fruit

We can’t list the amount of protein in every food, but this is a good list to get you started.  Everything that grows needs even trace elements of protein to survive.  For this reason, protein should not be a concern for anyone eating a plant based diet.  As long as you are eating a wide range of foods chosen for their nutrient and caloric values, you will eat enough protein.

A standard day in the life of a 155-pound plant eater, may look something like this:


1 cup of oatmeal            26 grams

½ cup of blueberries     .5 grams

10 almonds                     3 grams




3 cups spinach                  3 grams

½ cup carrot                       .5 grams

¼ cup red onion                 Trace

¼ cup sunflower seeds     7 grams

3 sliced grilled tempeh     15.5 grams


1 cup brown rice                 5 grams

½ cup broccoli                     1.2 grams

½ cup mung beans             1.5 grams

½ cup zucchini                    .75 grams

½ cup orange bell pepper    1 gram


1 tablespoon peanut butter  4 grams

1 red apple                             .3 grams





That is a total of 69.25 grams of protein!  The recommended was only 62 grams putting the day 7.25 grams of protein extra.  So you see a well-balanced day of food will give you more than enough. 

If you’re ever concerned about your levels on a particular day, add a few slices of seitan or tempeh to your meal and rest assured you’ve met your requirement for the day.

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