8 Weeks to Summer: Kickstart Your Weight Loss

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By now, most of us realize there is no magic pill, super formula or spa shrink wrap that will get our bodies beach ready overnight, but there are some simple changes you can make to increase your weight loss and get those soft spots toned before the swimsuits appear. Take a look at these sneaky little tips that are guaranteed to give you the results you’re looking for in time.

Keep a Food Journal

No matter the diet, fad or healthy lifestyle, the formula to lose weight has never changed.  You must use or burn every calorie you put in.  How many calories a person needs and how many they burn off in exercise varies per individual.  Just be aware of everything that you eat or drink.  It sounds tedious but during the next eight weeks, keep a food journal and write down everything from the mint you ate while waiting in the office to the 100 calorie sports drink you chugged after working out.  You may be surprised at the little things that were hindering your ultimate weight goals.

Change Your Food Habits

Sometimes even the best efforts are foiled by food! Simple things can be holding you back, like easy access to salty or sweet snacks.  If you buy them for your kids, you may need to change their snacking habits too.  Try stove top popcorn and adding your own toppings or fresh cut veggies with a little salt and lime juice.  For a sweet tooth, have individually wrapped dark chocolate bites and give yourself one or two, not the whole bar. Stop eating out every day and focus on preparing healthier food at home.  If a restaurant meal cannot be avoided, order the lightest meal you can find and pass on the bread or chips.  If you find yourself habitually hungry at nights or in front of the TV, make some jazzy waters like cucumber/mint or lime and chia seeds.  Sip them to stave off snack attacks and hydrate at the same time.

Add in Some Movement

Get amped up about something physical you love!  Try not to think of it as exercise.  Instead find a physical activity that gets you excited about participating.  Ride a bike, strap on roller skates, crank up your music and dance around the house, walk your dog, morning runs before the kids wake up or calisthenics during commercial breaks. If you need motivation, pay for a class.  Money can motivate.  We’re not suggesting jazzercise!  Take a look at your local gym for Zumba, pole dancing, a variety of yoga and Pilates, cycling, boot camps and so many more.  You would be the coolest parent on the block if you took a hip-hop/funk street dancing class!

Make a Plan 

Finally, have a goal in mind and stick to it.  If you want your body to be ready for summer, then get started now.  The real deterrent to successful weight loss is time.  The time to shop for better foods, the time to cook better meals and still have time to sneak in a workout all while balancing work, home, kids, pets, friends and life.  We understand, so we’ve made it a whole lot easier.  There is no shopping, cooking, food journal or recipe research with Veestro’s weight loss plans.  We offer you three different weight loss options to fit your lifestyle.  Organic, non-GMO, fully plant based meals will be delivered to your door.  All you have to do is open, heat and enjoy.  Diet done.

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