staying healthy during the back to school craze

It's that time of year again when everything seems to go into overdrive and you find yourself writing lists for your lists. The back to school clothes, the unending hunt for school supplies, the fresh haircuts and new cosmetics, the delicately balanced schedules with burgeoning extracurricular activities, the carpools and PTA meetings and you haven't even begun to think about packed lunches and family dinners. Forget about organic shopping and spin class!So you've convinced yourself that health and weight maintenance can be ignored for a week or two until things settle into a manageable groove. Did you know that relaxing your workout schedule for only 14 days can significantly decrease your lean muscle mass and cardiovascular fitness? While rushing around the stores and malls, you're likely to consume an extra 500 calories a day. At this rate, you will gain 1.5 to 2 pounds every 7 days! It then takes your body two weeks to recover for each week, so two weeks of school preparations set you back one month in your health.

We are not trying to disappoint you or add to your stress. In fact, Veestro would like to offer you an easy solution to stay on track and still finish that long to-do list. We've already put together your breakfast, lunch and dinner with just the right amount of calories, nutrition and extra flavor. Convenience is king when you're busy, so just click here, choose the plan that is right for you and we'll deliver it to your door. So when you are hungry, all you have to do is heat it and eat it. There is no thinking, planning, shopping, prepping or cooking needed. Simply enjoy.

You may be thinking that covers your dietary needs but it doesn't cover your exercise goals. We can help there too. First, remember that reasonable ambitions are the only ones that last a lifetime, so cut yourself some slack and rest. Working out three times a week is plenty to keep your physique in shape. If you just snorted at the idea of three available hours in your week, we understand this too. So here are some quick and easy workouts to squeeze in your day while running your errands.When you go shopping, skip the cart! Carry a basket or two if needed and do arm curls with them as you walk the aisles. As your waiting in the check-out line, raise yourself up on your toes and slowly lower back down sneaking in some calf-raises. If you're stuck at soccer try-outs, run alongside the field while cheering on your little athlete or around the top of the gymnasium if indoors. Stop opting for the closest parking spot and choose one in the back, and if you can walk or ride a bike, do so instead of driving. Just think of every task in your day as an opportunity for a mini workout. Even if you're just sitting, pull those abs to the back of your spine every moment that you can!It is possible to stay healthy while rushing around in the back to school craze. Be creative with your workouts and let Veestro do the rest!

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