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 VegNews Magazine is hosting its annual Veggie Awards highlighting the very best of all vegan products from energy bars and chocolate to your favorite local donut shop and gourmet restaurant. This year they also have a vote for your Fave Vegan Meal Delivery Service, and Veestro has been nominated!Each question lists all their top nominees for your selection, but they also provide an other option where you can type in your choice if it's not listed. This is a great opportunity to spread the word on your secret vegan finds and support the ones you already enjoy.You will also get to choose the best meat, cheese and milk substitutes, tastiest ice cream, creamiest yogurt, top vegan restaurants and diners in your area, most preferred clothing and cosmetic lines, supported animal sanctuaries, most entertaining blogs and podcasts and so much more. There are 45 questions in total, and it will take you about 10-15 minutes to complete. Hint: Veestro is in question number 26!Not only does this give you the opportunity to show a little love to the vegan supporters around you, but it is a great opportunity to find other exceptional people to be with you in this lifestyle choice. We couldn't help but take note of a few more blogs to read and podcasts to listen to!If all the above were not enough, voting for your favorites also gives you a chance to win some really awesome prizes! The grand prize is a Vitamix blender which will become the only blender you'll ever need! First prize is a year's supply of So Delicious Ice Cream, second prize is a vegan cheese party from Miyoko's Kitchen, third is a $250 shopping spree from Vegan Essentials and there are weekly vegan beauty box prizes from 100% Pure.So please take a moment and give Veestro a vote. We know we can't do it without you!

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