if you need another reason not to eat meat...

According to a recent article posted on One Green Planet (a cool website with lots of good info on healthy eating) animal foods raise blood sugar levels. Specifically, they stimulate the release of insulin and contain no fiber to slow down that release. They're also inflammatory to the body. In fact, red meat is one of the worst foods diabetics can choose, according to American Diabetes Association. Even dairy is full of milk sugar, and contains no fiber to slow down the release of those sugars into the cells.

So if your blood sugar levels matter to you, it's smart to choose whole, plant-based foods. All plant-based foods have fiber, of course, and essential vitamins and minerals that your body knows how to use for energy, balance, and optimal health. Plant-based foods also stabilize your blood sugar and have been shown to actually improve not just blood sugar, but also the chances of developing diabetes and other major forms of disease, or at least improve symptoms dramatically. So spread the word! Because what you eat really does matter. Eat healthy. Be healthy!

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