best of 2016: blog posts

1. What's the Deal with Gluten?empanadas-8251_1024x1024-2.jpgAfter all the comfort food of winter, we resurfaced in spring with dietary precautions. We had a few questions, but one was really gnawing at us. What in the world is gluten and why is everyone trying not to eat it? Here is what we found.

2. This Memorial Day Rock the Meatless BBQveggieburger-6750_1024x1024-4.jpg

In May, we learned that it's the marinade, not the "meat," that really makes a cookout. Click here for how to make your chimichurri just right.

 3. The All Ages Cocktail Hour

keepdoctoraway-7734_3a965bd3-5453-4ed4-93cb-1819ebaee6c7_1024x1024-2.jpgIn June, we read about the history of cocktails. Turns out the word "cocktail" makes no reference to alcohol, but to ginger and cayenne pepper. Somehow cocktails made their way from a pick-me-up for horses to a go-to anti-inflammatory. Reread their journey here.

 4. Food Facts: Watermelon

bigstock--128828570_1024x1024-2.jpgAs we continued our summer of cocktails, we looked for other body-loving recipes. We wondered, can we get all our vitamins from just eating watermelon? Click here to see how 46 calories of sweetness can change the body for the better.

 5. 5 Simple Ways to Cut Out Dairy

bigstock--150392591-1.jpgIn November, we started thinking about things to change in the new year. We know the hormones in milk can wreak havoc on our bodies. When it feels like dairy is in everything, how do we avoid it? Better yet, how do we replace it? Here are five ways to cut the cheese- you know what we mean.

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