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Beat the spring forward blues

It's that time again, time to change our clocks in exchange for longer days and shorter nights. While springing forward is far easier than falling back, the adjustment can still be hard on us. Especially losing that hour on the transfer night!

While switching the clock back or forth does not have long term effects, we all experience some immediate setbacks. Be it disorientation in the brighter evenings or waking up to dark skies, it takes some getting used to. And it can be done with some simple tips!

  • Exercise in the form of a brisk walk or run can help people adjust to the change. A brisk walk or run stimulates the serotonin release in the brain and other types of neurotransmitters that will phase-advance the clock.
  • Another suggestion is to gain exposure to bright natural light for an hour or two. Get your vitamin D in where you can, especially in the morning to get you going!
  • If you're having trouble sleeping, take low dosage melatonin supplements to boost melatonin levels, as melatonin regulates cycles of sleep and wakefulness. You can find plant based melatonin anywhere and its perfectly safe and natural.
  • Be sure to eat at your regular time. Don't let the sun at 6 pm fool you into eating later, leaving you full and still digesting just before bed or worse, tricking you to push your normal bedtime to a later hour.
  • Eat good mood foods! Foods that boost serotonin are a great help to keep you peppy and on track. Try incorporating chickpeas, dark leafy greens, coconut oil, quinoa and berries into your day and they will all help give you a much needed boost!

All in all, don't freak or fret about springing forward. Keep up your healthy diet and work out routine, and before you know it you'll be used to the change ; )

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