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10 ingenious ways to cool your house without ac

It ain't beach weather without the heat. The summertime temps have been at an all time high, making for ideal conditions to work on your tan and dive into the ocean. But you shouldn't have to sweat past the sand, especially in the comfort of your own home. How do you make do without air conditioning? We're sharing 10 simple ways to keep it cool. 1. Ice your fanWhen your house feels like an oven, sticking your head in the freezer feels like the only solution. Save yourself the freezer burn by turning a fan into a mini air conditioner. Take a shallow pan or bowl and fill it with ice. Stick it directly in front of the fan to create the ultimate cold breeze. 2. HydrateCovers on or off? The back and forth of trying to regulate your temperature during your sleep can cause severe night sweats and dehydration. Drinking a glass of water before bed naturally cools the body and makes for more effective rest. 3. RelocateHot air rises, so staying low is a good thing. This means putting your bed as close to the ground as possible. If you have a multi-floor house, try sleeping downstairs or camp out in the basement. 4. Make curtainsBlock the sun while manipulating air flow throughout any room. Hang wet sheets in front of open windows to change the hot air to an ocean-like breeze. 5. Raid your kitchenTime to get crafty! Put rice in a sock and chill in the freezer for an hour, to create a cold compress that will last until you doze off for the night. Take it up a notch by creating a buckwheat pillow that rejects heat better than cotton or down. Buckwheat hulls have space between them, so air can flow freely instead of trapping body heat. 6. Clean the airDo double duty with an air purifier that captures dust and allergens like mold spores and pet dander, and blows out cold, clean air. A small unit like this GermGuardian covers up to 155 sq ft. 7. Get new sheetsSave the goose feather and fleece for the winter. Switch up your bedding with cotton sheets and pillow cases that are as breathable as they are stylish. Cotton and silk are also better for your skin, since courser materials can lead to wrinkles and acne. 8. Go counter-clockwiseYou may not realize that your ceiling fan needs to be adjusted seasonally. Set to run counter-clockwise in the summer at a higher speed, the fan’s airflow will create a wind-chill breeze effect that will make you and your guests feel cooler. 9. More pillow talkIf the buckwheat didn't sound too appealing, there are other inexpensive ways to ward of sweaty dreams. "Chillows," or pillows made with cooling gels, have grown in popularity, and can be used for your head, back, and feet. You can find chillow inserts for less than $10, and they even sell them for pets. 10. New lightsYou're already saving on the A/C bill, but take a few bucks off your light bill as well. Switching from incandescent bulbs to compact fluorescent bulbs eliminates a 90% waste of energy that is emitted as heat. Also aim to turn off lights in any room you're not using, for a small but drastic change.

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