Step 1 : Build Your Own Meal Plan

At Veestro, we understand your needs. We know you want to eat healthier, you rarely have enough time to cook, but more importantly, you want to eat what you like. This is why we created an option where you can assemble your own meal plan based on your personal preferences and tastes.

It's simple! Just pick 15 of your favorite items from group A and 15 from group B and...Voila! You just created your made-to-order meal plan. That's a total of 30 delicious and healthy, chef-prepared items for less than your grocery bill!

Besides having the flexibility of selecting only the Veestro dishes you love, this option gives you incredible discounts over the regular price, plus... FREE SHIPPING!

It simply makes sense! Click GET STARTED and get on your way to a delicious, convenient and healthier life!